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About Us

CareDevs is a Branding and Web Design Agency focused on delivering website design and digital marketing solutions exclusively for B2B companies.

History of CareDevs Branding and Web Design Agency

Empowering Leadership at Branding and web Design Agency

We are a small branding and web design agency with 7 team members. Most importantly, our every member is highly skilled and chosen for their excellence. Exceptional individuals drive our work forward.

Rokhsana Akter
CEO & Founder
Muntasir Shehab


Katie Andria
Project Manager
Branding and web design team CareDevs team always follow best practices for your project

Why we are best as a Branding and Web deisgn agency

Since 2020, we have helped a number of startup company, big band convert their digital ideas into engaging, feature rich apps and website

CareDevs designers consistently create professional and standard work. Above all, the branding and web design agency, never sacrifices quality. To begin with, we conduct research on your business type, identifying both the top performers and strongest competitors. Following that, our team make certain that our proposed solutions align seamlessly with your business. To put it differently, those solutions are tailored to be as unique as your organization. Lastly, we recognize the significance of a positive website user experience in leaving a favorable impression on visitors.

Usability refers to how easy it is to navigate a website, find its content and interact with the pages. Moreover, things like hard-to-read text, unusual menu bars and misplaced icons can hurt usability. So, when that happens, visitors feel the website is somehow “off” and leave it before any interaction. As a result, it might be raised the issue of ADA compliance. In such cases, our expert team ensures a proactive approach to ADA compliance and optimizing website usability.

Nowadays, people are using mobile phones more than laptops. As a result, mobile compatibility has become our primary focus. In fact, you already know from your personal experience that websites are displayed differently on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.  Truly, more than half of all web traffic now comes from mobile devices. Therefore, we take special care when designing websites to ensure websites are optimized for both tablets and mobile devices. Clearly, a website needs mobile compatibility to be satisfied when visiting your site. Furthermore, Google will rank your website poorly in search engine results. For this reason, our web development team prioritizes optimizing your website for mobile devices from the outset.

As a branding and web design agency, we use various kinds of Technology tools for the web design services process. In fact, our team used outstanding technology that always help us satisfy our global clients. So, we want to highlight some of our exceptional technology partners who consistently assist us in meeting customers’ needs. Such as, Adobe Photoshop, Figma, WordPress, Woocommerce, Headless CMS React js & Vue js.

Our web development team possesses a strong understanding of web programming. Moreover, the team has extensive experience in custom development that accommodates your business needs in sales, marketing, customer service, inventory control, and e-commerce. On the other hand, our team effectively translates business requirements into websites and delivers the desired functionality. Above all, perfect programming helps your business run smoothly.

Our team rigorously tests the core features of websites. Additionally, CareDevs expert quality assurance (QA) team are well known about website testing modules before launching. So, we ensure that all essential functionalities work correctly, including navigation, forms, interactive elements, website core functionality, e-commerce functionality, payments getaway, shipping methods, browser compatibles, etc. Most importantly, our aim is to deliver high-performance websites and exceptional user experiences.

Experts in every aspect of project life cycle



Schedule a meeting or call to discuss requirements


Gather necessary requirements such as content and graphics


Ideation and evaluation of the website design


Develop website in content management system (CMS)


Optimized for best responsive design on all devices


Compatible with all browsers and all screen sizes


Perform QA and testing to ensure proper functionality


Launch and ongoing support and maintenance

Technology Partners of Branding and Web design Company CareDevs

Our technology partners assist CareDevs in providing essential technical expertise and solutions for website development. Moreover, this collaboration ensures seamless functionality, innovative design elements, and efficient problem-solving. As a result, our partners’ contributions enhance the overall user experience. In addition, those elements help to meeting our client’s expectations and delivering a successful website.

CareDevs utilizes different technology tools for web design services. So, we’d like to recognize some remarkable technology partners who consistently assist us in satisfying our global clients and meeting customer needs.

caredevs-partner-tool-vue js

Branding and web design company consistency

We are committed to Growing your Business Revenue as a branding and web design agency. Most importantly, your Business is just like our Business. So, our Best team is ready to handle it with soft care.



Our truthful guidance offers you a clear direction during the web design process. On the other hand, the team of CareDevs builds trust, sets expectations, and delivers a product that matches your business vision.



CareDevs reliable assistance empowers your business, consistently delivering dependable support and solutions. Furthermore, we ensure a smooth process, build confidence, and create a website that aligns with the company’s goals and expectations.



A considerate partnership enables fostering a collaborative and empathetic approach. Thus, we promote open communication and a deeper understanding of client needs, ultimately leading to customized design solutions that exceed expectations.



By applying innovative skillfulness expertise, CareDevs branding and web design company delivers ultimate web solutions. Moreover, our expert proficiency to craft distinctive designs, enhance functionality, and create outstanding websites.

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