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Our Recent Projects at CareDevs

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Our Recent Works

E-Learning Platform Tattoo workshop25

Tattoo Workshop25 is a well-known eLearning tattoo course platform. It’s owned by Lily Lu, a famous calligraffiti artist who has gained immense popularity in the tattoo art industry. CareDevs designed and maintains the website, ensuring that Lily’s tutorials run smoothly. They also help promote the website to reach people interested in learning tattoo art, from beginners to experts. This eLearning platform also allows users to purchase premium courses similar to those on Udemy and Skillshare. Moreover, modern tattoo artist Lily Lu is not just a tattoo artist but also a filmmaker and author who creates additional tattoo content to share unbeatable talent with others.

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Web Design for Statewide Escrow Residential Sales

Statewide Escrow Services is an experienced team with over 100 years of combined expertise in escrow. They offer streamlined transactions, partnering with Strategic Mind University Inc, and providing services for residential and commercial sales, short sales, vacant land, mobile homes, probate and trust sales, as well as “For Sale By Owner” transactions. CareDevs have been assisting them from the very beginning with managing their real estate business, driving more sales, and generating potential customers. This is how CareDevs enhance professionalism in this significant industry.

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Web Design for Tattoo Procreate25

Lily Lu is a modern tattoo artist and the owner of Tattoo Procreate25, an online digital products store that sells Procreate tattoo brushes. They have a digital app with over 1000 tattoo Procreate tools to help artists make livelier tattoos. CareDevs, a designer, made an attractive website for Tattoo Procreate, making it easy for tattoo enthusiasts to access all the features they need. Additionally, Tattoo Procreate25’s online shop has gained more customers by having a great website and expert promotional services from CareDevs.

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Website Re-Design for Lily-lu

Lily Lu is a renowned tattoo artist from Germany, recognized globally for her exceptional tattooing skills. Lily Lu is not only a tattoo expert but also a filmmaker, author, digital content creator, online tattoo courses seller, and a passionate tattoo enthusiast. CareDevs has played a significant role in establishing a strong brand presence in the tattoo industry through their collaboration with Lily Lu on various website projects.

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Digital Product Selling Platform for Mind Coaches

Michele Guzy is one of the prominent and successful mind coaches in the USA. She serves as a mind mentor, helping individuals who are struggling with stability and unhappiness. Most importantly, she aids people worldwide by offering to sell her digital products. CareDevs redesigned her web application project, creating a more organized platform. Additionally, CareDevs emphasized her mission, vision, objectives, and business goals, which is why CareDevs engaged with the hypnotherapy industry.

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Web Design for Easy Flight Travel Agency

Easy Flight BD is a well-known travel agency specializing in selling airline tickets and booking hotels in Dhaka, Bangladesh. They were facing challenges in attracting customers and generating sales. CareDevs created a brand new website and promoted their services online. As a result, Easy Flight now holds a strong position on Google’s search rankings, and the unique design made by CareDevs has gained popularity in the travel agency industry.

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E-commerce Fashion Store for Maya’s Collection

Maya’s Collection is an online dress shopping store in Bangladesh for women and kids. The owner of the shop has been focusing on selling ladies’ items, including t-shirts, shirts, western sleeveless tops, kurti dresses, three pieces, sarees, undergarments, and many more. Additionally, Maya’s Collection offers a wide range of kids’ clothing items at her shop. Over the last 2 years, Maya’s Collection has faced severe challenges in attracting customers to her online shop. CareDevs redesigned her website and promoted their brand. As a result, Maya’s Collection has gained a popular brand identity.

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E-commerce Support & Maintenance for Psy25

PSY25, founded by Lily Lu, is a German Psy25 is online tattoo calligraffiti art shop known for its unique tattoo-related products. They sell calligraffiti-printed clothes, books, tattoo prints, hoodies, zippers, tattoo artwork, caps, patches, merchandise, DVDs, digital prints, and more. CareDevs’ eCommerce expert team assisted PSY25 in attracting more customers and boosting sales of their tattooing products and accessories.

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