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Get Your Free Website Campaign for 2023

CareDevs offers a completely free website campaign to boost your business in the digital waves and establish a strong online presence. Get your cost free website until the end of the year 2023! 🎉

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It’s true that CareDevs offers a completely free business website to boost your revenue and establish your brand identity. Simply download our eBook and follow the easy steps. The eBook provides detailed information on what you need and how to get free website.

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CareDevs offers a "Get Website Free" campaign, to get a free website for your business.

CareDevs is offering a “Get Website Free” campaign for businesses. This means you can get a free website to boost your online presence at no cost. Additionally, With this campaign, you’ll have a website that represents your business in the digital world. So, it’s a great chance to improve your online visibility and connect with your audience without spending money on web development. Therefore, claim your free website today and strengthen your online brand presence. Moreover, this campaign will help your business achieve its target audience, increase your online sales, and focus your business brand. Getting a free business website is completely cost-free. Make sure to get in touch with CareDevs before the end of this year. So, feel free to contact us and secure your free business website for your business.

CareDevs offer paid domain and cPanel hosting for free during the first year.

In the campaign, you will receive a completely free hosting plan.  Additionally, you just need to purchase a paid domain for your online journey. Above all, this campaign will run until the end of this year. So, simply fill out the form to obtain your free website without any cost. Furthermore, CareDevs will assist you in promoting your online sales, boosting your brand, and increasing your business revenue. Be sure to take advantage of this offer. So, hurry up and get your website today.

Requirement analysis and wire-framing & prototyping

Once you fill out the form or contact us, our team will collect your details, requirements, target audience, and your business mission and vision. Notably, based on this information, our UX/UI designers will provide you with a clear layout. Additionally, CareDevs will suggest the features you need. Moreover, this prototyping will help you easily understand the wireframe and web structure. In this way, CareDevs will analyze your requirements and begin your free WordPress website project

Create a unique UI/UX design from scratch and client approval

At our design studio, we're experts in creating unique UI/UX designs from scratch. Furthermore, we believe in the importance of originality, and our process starts with a clean slate. As a result, we collaborate closely with our clients to ensure every design detail matches their vision. Our goal is to create a design that exceeds their expectations and receives full client approval. Moreover, CareDevs genuinely creates unique designs that reflect your brand to others.

Website Design and Development

At CareDevs, our Website Design and Development process is a thoughtful journey. Firstly, we start by understanding your goals and vision. Subsequently, our team creates a special design that matches your brand. Once you're happy with the design, we build a user-friendly website. Furthermore, after thorough testing, we launch your site and continue supporting it. Ultimately, our goal is to make your online presence not only work well but also stand out

Search Engine Optimization
basic configuration

CareDevs offers vital Search Engine Optimization (SEO) configuration to boost your website's visibility. Our basic setup includes optimizing keywords, meta tags, and ensuring mobile-friendliness. Furthermore, we also prioritize user-friendly website structure and faster page loading. Thus, our SEO fundamentals help your site rank higher in search engine results, improving accessibility to your target audience.

Support and Maintenance First 6 Months

At CareDevs, we're here for you even after your website or app is up and running. In the first six months, our Support and Maintenance services keep things smooth. Thus, we handle updates, fix bugs, and sort out any technical problems, allowing you to concentrate on your main tasks. So, trust us to keep your online presence hassle-free and worry-free in those crucial early months. Most importantly, we're here to guide you until you achieve success.

How easy it works!

It’s simple. During this campaign, you can either fill out the form with your details or directly contact the CareDevs team. Afterward, a representative will get back to you to collect your requirements, your business details, your target audience, etc. Finally, the UX/UI team will send you a graphical layout of your website design. Once you approve the web design layout, within a few days, CareDevs will transfer your website to your domain. Furthermore, CareDevs kindly requests that if you are satisfied with your website, please provide feedback on your experience throughout the process. That is how get your free website campaign works.


Below fill-up form & provide your Requirement. We Analysis business & Transform your idea into website and give you a estimate project delivery date.



Our UX/UI and Web Design & Development team work for you. We committed to delivery high quality a brand new unique website for business.



Ready to Publish your website within our estimated delivery time. Check everything as you deserve on your website and testing all functionality works!



Finally, Give Us Reviews and Feedback about our works and services. It’s inspire us to provide quality works We truly appreciate your comment!


Claim your free website by simply filling out the form, and CareDevs will be in touch with you.

It’s the perfect time to get a free website for your business. CareDevs is running a campaign to offer you a completely free website. Simply fill out the form or give us a call at +4917694951687

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What people says who got a free website

I got a free website for my business from CareDevs, and I’m loving it! The process was easy, and their team was super helpful. The website they made fits my brand perfectly, and I’m really happy with it. If you need a free website, I definitely recommend CareDevs!


Maria Molly

Clothes shop owner

Hi there, I’m Daniel Pawl, the owner of a travel agency. I wanted to grow my business, but I didn’t have enough money to build a new website. Then, I stumbled upon the “Get Website free” campaign. At first, I was skeptical, but once I started, I realized it was the real deal. In just a week, I got a beautiful website that perfectly represents my travel business. The whole process was super easy, and the team was incredibly helpful. They designed a website that met all my needs, and I’m very happy with it. If you need a free website, I highly recommend checking out CareDevs  campaign.” .It’s true CareDevs is my game changer.


Daniel Pawl

Travel Agency Owner

I’m Michel Richard, a musician from North Carolina. I wasn’t famous until I found the ‘Make a Free Website’ campaign. Money was tight, and I couldn’t promote my music. A friend suggested this campaign, and though I was unsure at first, I gave it a shot and filled out the form. To my surprise, I got a call within 30 minutes. They collected my information and, in just three days, my website was ready, even though I didn’t have a domain. CareDevs helped me through the whole process


Michel Richard



Asked Questions

What is the "Get Free Website" campaign offered by CareDevs?

The ‘Get a Free Website’ campaign is conducted by CareDevs, an outsourced web development agency. This offer is designed for individuals who require a website or seek to enhance their online business presence. The main advantage is that it comes at no cost – it’s completely free.

Is it really free to create a website with this campaign, or are there hidden charges?

Yes, creating a website with the ‘claim Free Website’ campaign by CareDevs is genuinely free, and there are no hidden charges. The campaign is designed to provide a cost-free solution for individuals who need a website or wish to boost their online presence without incurring any expenses.

What are the steps involved in get a free website through this campaign?

To get a free website through the  campaign by CareDevs, follow these steps:

  • 1. Fill out a form or contact CareDevs.
  • 2. Provide your details and requirements.
  • 3. Consult with the team.
  • 4. Receive a unique design layout.
  • 5. Approve the design or provide feedback.
  • 6. Acquire a hosting if needed.
  • 7. Your website is transferred to your domain.

Can I use my own domain for the getting free website?

Yes, If you already have a domain, it can be integrated with the website created as part of the campaign. Otherwise, CareDevs can assist you in purchasing a new domain for your business.

How long does it take to get my free website up and running?

The time it takes to get your free website up and running can vary depending on the complexity of the website and the specific requirements. Typically, the process can take anywhere from a few days to a week, but this may be subject to change based on the specific details of your project and the volume of requests being handled by CareDevs. It’s best to contact them directly for a more precise estimate based on your unique needs.

Do I need any technical expertise to getting a website?

No, you don’t need any technical expertise to get a website  by CareDevs. The process is designed to be user-friendly, and their team will guide you through the steps.

What features and functionalities are included with the get your free website campaign ?

The features and functionalities included with the campaign by CareDevs may vary, but typically they offer:

  1. 1. A unique and professional design layout for your website.
  2. 2. Assistance in acquiring a domain, if needed.
  3. 3. User-friendly and responsive web development.
  4. 4. Ongoing support and maintenance for the first few months.
  5. 5. Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) configuration for improved visibility.
  6. 6. The option to use your own domain, if you have one.

Is customer support available if I encounter any issues during the running website?

Yes, customer support is available if you encounter any issues during the running of your website created through the ‘Get Your Free Website’ campaign by CareDevs. They typically provide support and assistance to ensure that your website functions smoothly and address any technical issues or questions that may arise. Additionally, you can reach out to their support team for guidance and help as needed. Moreover, Caredevs will ensure first 6 Months support and maintenance cost totally free.

Is there a time limit or expiry date for this free website offer?

The availability and duration of the free website campaign offer until the end of this year. To get your free website, please contact with CareDevs, or fill out the form.

How can I upgrade or expand my website if my needs change in the future?

It’s pretty straightforward. If you want to upgrade your website, simply contact the CareDevs team. Then, they will provide their service packages, including estimated hours and costs. Additionally, CareDevs will assist you until you achieve success.

Is there a limit to the number of pages or content I can add to the free website?

Yes, there is a limitation based on the basic campaign rules set by the CareDevs management team. Under this offer, CareDevs will provide up to three pages free of cost. Additionally, you will receive basic SEO and six months of support and maintenance without any charges.